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Tiffany Watkins, fondly known as THIZISTIFF, is an accomplished business owner focused on improving the lives of women through fitness and healthy living. She often puts her spin on the POWER OF OWNING YOUR SPACE. “She is favorable towards innovation and always focused on moving past the status quo and ushering in new projects, acquisitions and initiatives.”

I have always wanted to be in an environment which allows me to own my space and make it better. After graduating with my B.S degree in Telecommunications Management, I landed a career in Implementation Engineering. Spending 17 years with one of the largest communication technology companies in the world prepared me in finding my purpose. In 2015, I decided to trade in my corporate career for full time entrepreneurship. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable to take the leap but I have been having fun every since.

Tiffany started Weight Matters LLC, the parent company of my4everwellnessliving and Slimtrimteatox. Why start a company that focuses on healthy living?

It was and still is a challenge. My fun comes in the challenge. Building a brand is not easy. Captivating an audience with a subject most don’t find as fun is not easy. But it motivates me to keep going.

Tiffany is also the creator of The Tea Party Experience, an annual event that allows women to share and improve their health goals with confidence. The experience celebrates YOU no matter which health journey you are on or the products you use; and also includes those who have helped you along the way. It celebrates women with a common goal to keep health a priority. You do not have to be affiliated with our company or products to attend. It’s an experience that does not focus on selling or marketing. The key objectives are to empower and improve with yearly themes that bring life to the party.

Creating the Tea Party Experience gave me an opportunity to connect with women personally and build lasting, authentic and meaningful relationships. Loving what you do is more than expressing it verbally. For me my love is ignited when I have designed a place that serves and help others.

Tiffany is also a MC/Host. Her faculty to disarm and engage even the most conservative audience, has positioned her to be a sought-after host and speaker for women’s events.

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Tiffany Watkins

quotations  After my first conversation with Tiffany, I knew she was the right host for our event. Tiffany’s outgoing and fun personality was on full display, and our guests raved about her all night! So glad she was available to host and I look forward to working with her again.

Sharon T., Women’s Expo